The Taipei performing arts center built
Article source:Vage China     Release time:2014-08-22 18:41:03

      After the 2012 break map started two years, OMA design is looking forward to the Taipei Performing Arts Center inaugurated. The project is intended to encourage experimental theatre production, outdoor garden project to attract local and visitors from all over the world come to visit, and the development of all the Performing Arts deeper interest.

  Taipei Center for the performing arts is composed of three main parts: one can accommodate 1500 audience in the theatre; a capacity of 800 spectators of the multiple forms of theater; one can accommodate 800 people in the audience stage theatre. Each of the audience are inserted into an appearance to be wave shaped glass cover central cube, each space is independent, on the contrary, three theater background space and mechanical equipment is the use of common. In addition, the Grand Theatre and the multi form theater can be combined together, provide large space 100 meters long experimental theatre project.

  "This provides convenient conditions can be combined stage setting for the plot and use position. This design is a special case of undefined free acting form provides advantage." In the inauguration ceremony of Rem Koolhaas explained.

  In the meandering through public indoor channels throughout the building, people can see being staged a performance on the stage at the same time also can see the background operation. Because the building is vacant building above the ground, can be through the streets under the building, provides a shared square this for other public activities.

  "With the completion of the building superstructure, Taipei performing arts center and the surrounding city connection becomes more obvious. Center for the Performing Arts in response to a neighboring Jiantan MRT station and the night markets, sending energy surrounding informal public life to the site and the future of the building, strengthen construction vitality." OMA partner David gianotten continued.

  Construction Wailimian made of aluminum panels and corrugated glass coated, this complex facade project will start in 2014 October, in 2015 is expected to open to the public.

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