The new definition of Aesthetics: Chinese architecture needs its own natural style
Article source:Vage China     Release time:2014-08-22 18:38:01

Yu Kongjian as a famous master of landscape architecture in sixth landscape design education of Congress said, our city design and city construction in the construction of the so-called flow erosion have missed out and out into the city, the make-up. Think Professor Yu feeling had to let us, our building what?
Excellent architecture is the social ideology of the reaction, the social ideology, reflects in construction is how to, and therefore can form what kind of feature of the whole city. However, when the city began to rise a make-up climax, will form a deformity of the social ideology: makeup become art. Big men rush on like a swarm of hornets, results, the original ecological disappeared, the old local disappeared, exists in people  s consciousness of memory slowly are overthrown, city transformation, the pursuit of the so-called "beauty", the street twist, lament over.
Only national, is the world. When a city is cosmetic decoration follow the same pattern, then the city will no longer have the charm. Professor Yu said, only their own is the most beautiful. With the development of urbanization construction, Chinese need is a city building movement, rather than the city beautiful movement, maybe, Chinese building skin does not adapt to the western "trend" of cosmetics, excessive use, but toxic.
The beauties of analogy to the high similarity of South Korea, beauty is beauty, but the streets are full of the same face, the same face, look for a long time without fatigue? His facial features doesn  t love, must go into the eyes of Lin Daiyu Xue Baochai  s mouth, to develop the "others" into a habit, a long time, you wouldn  t be you.
Buildings should have its own characteristics, we can sense the pursuit of modern architecture, the pursuit of building quality, after all, in the development of the times, the building also needs to develop, but also requires the development of Chinese architecture heritage, simple, dignified, should also be reflected in the modern architecture. The use of new building materials is a trend of architecture, Lome Tao soft brick system can need according to the whole building, make other changes to meet the aesthetic needs for uniqueness, with the construction of the. At the same time the Lome stone system complemented by patent other paper, can make the effect of relief Chinese ancient artisans crafted, add a simple wind unique for building.
Our pursuit of building national nature is not to say that all without modification, such as complete makeup is not suitable to attend the grand occasion, but if the beautiful face and nuanced, reasonable modification, the effect will be not the same. No Western smokey-eye make-up, we can also have their own elegant and dignified. Therefore, Chinese style buildings to recover once the scenery infinite, it needs to redefine our definition of "aesthetics".

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