The modern new park, garden style ecological
Article source:Vage China     Release time:2014-08-22 18:33:44

Industrial Park is an important form of agglomeration spatial capacity of regional economic development, and his development and industry upgrade replacement,supplement each other change in lifestyle. The development of industrial parks in China has experienced from the initial production, life from now the upgrading ofproduction city fusion.
Along with the continuous upgrade industries and gradually broken down, somespecific industry park development also presents different detail feature. For example, intelligence intensive headquarters park, because of its "pilot" leading role, the park image, quality, function put forward higher requirements.
Urarie Chise the entire project by the East, middle and west 3 blocks, the overall planning area of about 1100 acres, planning a total construction area of 880000 square meters. Plots of land located in the trunk link route north and south sides,block three West Lu Lu, East according to Zhao Lou Lu, South Shen Chong Tong, north of friendship River, convenient transportation, water system developed, West Block Design of multilayer flat international popularity, is conducive to the formation of workshop manufacturing appearance, practical.FTA to undertake the design work of Urarie Chise central and Eastern block, with excellent quality, living environment and sustainable concept, forming a good role model in ecology, product, life.
(1): Ecological Demonstration Park in every detail the ecological idea into, adopt advanced environmental protection measures, to achieve the harmonious unityof natural ecology and the modern science and technology, ecological maintenance plays a good pilot, demonstration effect.
(2) the product demonstration: the intellectual intensive enterprises demand as the basis, combined with the special needs of corporate headquarters, with high adaptability, sustainable product system played a good role in the show.
(3) live demonstration: emphasizing the harmonious unification of architecture and nature, and make the human s behavior and environment harmonious development, and create a vibrant, natural working space, created a new work,way of life.
The project from the overall layout to the monomer design, all the function oriented and environmental sustainable development, from the function, long-term development to reduce building energy consumption from hair, creative will be "good at heart, simple in shape" as the core concept of park design, buildingecological, garden style quality office park.

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